Chaste berry as fertility herbal remedy, chaste berry extract for herbal remedies for depression

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Chaste berry herbal remedies for women

The Chaste Berry tree is native to the Mediterranean but was brought to the US in the 1800s by early immigrants. The beautiful lilac, blue or sometimes white flowers, bloom best in warm, humid climates and the medicinal berries are then harvested in autumn. The tree is commonly found in most of the southern sates, but can also be found on both seaboards as far north as Oregon and Pennsylvania.

Chaste berry herbal remedies

Ancient Greeks believed this hardy Mediterranean shrub to reduce wayward sexual desires. The Greeks appropriately named this beautiful flowering plant, Angus-castus, meaning “chaste”, supporting numerous accounts, some dating back almost 2500 years, of its fragrant flowers, leaves and twigs being offered to Demeter, the Greek Goddess of fertility. The well-respected Greek physician Hippocrates, also publicized the effectiveness of Chaste Berry as a medicinal tonic to expel the placenta after giving birth.

Further literature dating to 23 A.D, clearly supports the use of Chaste Berries in tonics to calm the libido. In fact, medieval monks would regularly add the ground reddish-black berries, similar in look and taste to black peppercorns, to their food in hopes of decreasing sexual urges — hence the name “Monk’s’ Pepper”.

Additional records detail Chaste Berry’s use as a remedy for headaches and fever. Countless accounts further support its widespread use to promote menstruation and milk flow in new mothers.

Additionally, because of the seed’s carminative properties (substances that prevent intestinal gas) Chaste Berries were commonly taken to reduce flatulence. Researchers believe this is most likely due to their stimulatory effects on the taste buds, prompting a release of hydrochloric acid, which aids in food digestion.

Chaste Berries were commonly used throughout history to increase urination. Studies today conclude this is most likely due to their impressive diuretic properties. It was also found that similar to black peppercorns, Chaste berries promote perspiration and were frequently used to that effect.

Chaste berry for hormone regulation

Even thousands of years ago, this tiny seed was accepted for its almost limitless healing properties. Today, the Chaste Tree Berry is considered the most important herbal remedy for female hormone regulation. Research shows that flavanoids (now known to have estrogenic effects) are the main components of the berry. These flavanoids directly affect the pituitary gland, signaling a specific chemical release, which in turn , regulates the estrogen and progesterone levels in the body.

Chaste berry for premenstrual hair loss

Numerous studies have shown this interaction to be helpful in alleviating such uncomfortable symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) as abdominal bloating, swelling headache and mood swings, to name just a few. A double-blind study, confirming other studies, showed Vitex chaste berry to be more effective than vitamin B6 in controlling PMS symptoms.

Since increased hair loss in women is also one of the symptom Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) taking chaste berry is also thought to be a good natural hair care product. The safe herbal supplements of virtex chaste berry are now getting the professional hair care product recommendations.

Chaste berry and fertility

In much the same way, Chaste Berry is now widely recognized as a therapy for infertility in women and is found as the main ingredient in a number of fertility remedies on the market — quite a remarkable feat for such a tiny berry.

Ironically however, as history will attest, when this herb is given to a man, it will markedly suppress the male sex drive and as such, it is easy to understand why this herb is considered mainly as a “female remedy”.

Chaste berry health supplements

The value of Chaste Tree Berry is immeasurable, especially when you consider a month’s supply can cost as little as $5.

This supplement is sold in a variety of forms including a powder, as a tea, a liquid (tincture) and as well, as a glycerite (another liquid form that is less potent than a tincture, which uses grain alcohol). It is normally recommended that the supplement is taken in the morning, and because it is not a ‘fast-acting’ herb, it is usually prescribed for anywhere up to 18 months, depending on the particular problem.

Chaste Berry Extract, 225 mg

Chaste berry as the herbal health supplement is also available as chaste berry extract. The chaste berry extract is available as 225 mg capsules.

There are very few side effects associated with taking Chaste Berry, however, because of its obvious effects on hormone levels, it is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation without first consulting a health practitioner. Some minor stomach upset and headache has been reported in some cases and two percent of women who have taken the remedy, have developed a mild, itchy rash. But these slight reactions are found in only a very small percentage of women and the benefits of this ancient herb are endless, especially when you consider it has been used effectively for over 2500 years.